Amanda Lo: violin

Earl Maneein and Fung Chern Hwei: violin and viola

Jennifer DeVore: cello

Press contact: Jenny Hossain at Right Angle PR-

“Seven)Suns’ work is much more than “string quartet interprets metal songs.” That’s the easy hook, and the quickest entry point, but their incorporation of electronics, and the complexity of Maneein’s compositions and arrangements, make this group something very special and forward-looking. They should be embraced by the neo-classical community every bit as fervently as by adventurous metalheads.” -Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance
“Heavy metal string quartet and DEP collaborators Seven)Suns releasing LP”
The record (For The Hearts Still Beating) has a uniqueness to it..(they are) taking metal head on with dazzling string arrangements. In an era of chaos, “For the Hearts Still Beating” illuminates quite brilliantly.
“Heart-pounding, incredibly intense, masterfully done!” —Greg Kennelty, Metal Injection
“What screams “I love you so much, honey!” better than a) PAN-F******G-TERA, and b) four very skilled string players rocking like the dickens to this wildly intense version of a classic?”